Santa Is Coming To Town - 12/22/2018
By Assistant Chief Thomas Gamon V
December 5, 2018

Santa is coming to Schwenksville Borough & Lower Frederick Township on Saturday 12/22/2018 starting at 8:30am

Schwenksville Borough:
- Spring Mount Summits
- Schwenksville Elementary & Surrounding
- Woodland Ave. & Surrounding
- Game Farm Rd.
- Schwenksville Firehouse

Lower Frederick Township
- Spring Mount Townhomes (Village, Aspen, Goshen, ect.)
- Country Chef Kitchen (Rte 29 - approx. 11:00am)
- American Classic Motors (Rte 73 - approx. 11:30am)
- Mazza's Xmas Trees (Rte 29 - approx. 12:30pm)
- Spring Mount (Main, Crystal, Bavington, Perkiomen, ect.)
- Lower Frederick Firehouse

This is just some of the locations where Santa will be headed starting at 8:30 and ending at the firehouses. Santa hopes to see as many children as possible on the 22nd.